Neapolitan Delight

Friday, January 28, 2011

Today marks day seven of my recovery from a wisdom tooth extraction, and I am seriously craving some good ol' fashioned Neapolitan ice cream!

The simple yet satisfying combination of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry hits the spot in a nostalgic way, before things got all complicated with 'mixed to the max' formulas crammed with extra sugar and fat.

Maybe that's why modern confectioners are also taking a cue from this childhood favourite with their own interpretations of Neapolitan delight.

Over at Chocolate Editions, Mary & Matt make a luscious 3 oz. Neapolitan chocolate bar comprised of 72% dark chocolate, 36% white chocolate, and natural strawberry ingredients.

Don't you love the sleek and modern look of this bar? I'm especially fond of the way the smooth tablets of dark and white chocolate contrast with the grainy (i.e. extra tasty) deliciousness of the strawberry tablet.

Not to be outdone, Fusion Sweets also offers up their own take on the Neapolitan trend with fluffy handmade marshmallows!

Claiming it really is like "three marshmallows in one", this jumbo (and gluten free!) treat builds its tower of flavour with Papua New Guinea vanilla beans, fresh strawberry preserves and strawberry juice, and a decadent chocolate marshmallow base swirled with dark chocolate.

If your mouth isn't watering yet, consider the possibilities of adding this triple knockout of flavour to your favourite s'more or hot chocolate recipe for a little Neapolitan alchemy of your own :)

Image 1: Chocolate Editions 
Image 2: Fusion Sweets


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